And the winner is….

25 11 2009

Lawton Thorpe! Congratulations on being the winner of Strike-a-Pose: Guys Edition Cycle 1! You will receive the prize of a $10 Sims 3 Cash Card & the bragging rights for being the first Guys Edition champion!

Philip Crichton did an amazing job during the finale and the Stike-a-Pose team would like to congratulate you on a job well done!

Thank you to everyone who participated. We will keep all former contestants & audience updated regarding Strike-a-Pose: Guys Edition (Cycle II) auditions, which will begin after ‘The Holidays’. Hope to see everyone soon!

Fan Favorite Model results

25 11 2009

Onion Rotten! You are the fan favorite! As a result you will be gifted an item from your EA store wishlist. Congratulations!

Fan Favorites

Onion Rotten – 1st place

Philip Crichton – 2nd place

Habibi McSteamy – 3rd place

Finale Deadline Extended

19 11 2009

I have come to the understanding that the remaining contestants are having technical issues with either a) the latest patch or b) the World Adventures expansion pack, so I am extending the deadline for the finale photos til Sunday 12am US-PST.
I apologize to ALL ‘audience’ members who are on the edge of their seats, waiting desperately for the finale photographs.
Good luck to those of you sorting out your gaming bugs. I feel your pain and annoyance too.


15 11 2009

Congratulations to Lawton & Philip for making it to the finale! This photo assignment will consist of two separate photo shoots that will be judged for your final score. A questionnaire will take the place of your RP.

Sadly, Onion Rotten has been eliminated from the competition. Thank you Onion & clairezy018 for 8 great rounds. Onion’s dark, twisted sense of humor and surprisingly adaptableness will be missed. Good luck in the future!

Fan Favorite?

14 11 2009

I have been very curious as to whom the audiences favorite model is. A poll has been set up below for your votes on the Strike-a-Pose: Guys Edition fan favorite. Enjoy!

Photoshoot 7 – Ruling

10 11 2009

Selfish as it may sound, I have decided (with help) to veto the elimination for photo assignment 7. The next shoot is the challenge that I’ve been looking forward to all ‘season’.

I would like to apologize for not congratulation Philip & Onion on their earning top scores in challenges 6 and 7. You both did a great job.

The blog has been updated as needed, however I am having difficulty with the sims3 forums and will update there as soon as I can.

Photoshoot 6 – Complete

6 11 2009

Photoshoot 6 is complete! Individual pictures are linked HERE along with Scores & Commentary.

On a side note, I am very disappointed that Gabe Brushfire has chosen to withdraw from the competition. But as with his withdrawal it has been decided that no elimination will take place. Please take the opportunity to take a sigh of relief!

Hope you guys had fun!